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Experienced team
We have a team with the great quality of the discipline, which is reflected in the tour of the company
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Multiple products
Our products are specially designed to support your new path that you start by being part of Swaptech
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Intuitive backoffice
Designed to give you the best user experience to reduce doubts or direct queries to our support
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Good documentation
We have a section of supports to make things much easier, our support is available to you at any time you need.
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Registered in EEUU

Swaptech is a technology and training company dedicated to the development of Cryptotrading products, focused on the new digital economy that allow users to generate income by learning from the comfort of their home.

About Swaptech

The new economy continues to advance, ways of learning and making money have changed completely and new means of payment have made doing business across the world nowadays simpler, Swaptech becomes a leader in the market of Trading with Cryptodivisas giving the possibility to many people to live the future in a different way, changing the way they earn money, taking advantage of the Internet in their favor as the best tool to take advantage of this new economy.

Unify Technologies

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We are working with companies that want to revolutionize the world of sales. check what you can do with unify and Swaptech on the following registration link

Our products

  • The execution robot allows to operate massive batches of assets in a specific Exchange through individual Api Keys which makes it a unique product in the market of cryptomonedas traders.
  • It is a platform where you can learn to generate income in your free time hand in hand with our traders.
  • ADV Bot is the option for people who want to capitalize their money in a simpler way and the automatic way through the marketing of Cryptrodivisas.
  • High Bot is an algorithm based on artificial intelligence that is in constant analysis of the market always finding the best moments of investment and operating 24/7 from the cloud.
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Our Principles

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We have a team specialized in computer security, having the highest standards of security, confidentiality and integrity of personal data, transactions and information stored in our databases.

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We educate you on trading platforms

We want you to be independent, to be the one that manages the course of your career. Learn with the complete presentation on Poloniex

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Meet our trading university

We want to teach you everything we have planned for you, learn how to generate income in your free time with the help of our traders.

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